Charity Baptist Church


             I accepted God’s call on my life to be a minister of the Gospel in 1965.  It has been my pleasure to serve God’s Churches for over fifty years. In 2013 I retired from the active ministry.  In 2015 my wife, Kathy, and I returned from South Florida to where we call home, Wesley Chapel.  I discovered retirement did not satisfy and my passion to preach God’s Word and serve God’s Church was just as real as when I first went into ministry.  I knew God had more for me to do with the gifts and graces He had given me through His Holy Spirit.  

          Charity Baptist Church extended a call to serve as Pastor in January 2018.  Kathy and I felt God's hand had opened this door.  This has been a good match, truly a God thing, for us and for Charity.  

          Two things stood out immediately about Charity:  First, this was a singing Church; second, this was a praying Church.  I have also found Charity to be a warm, welcoming, friendly Church that has a passion for God’s Word.  Charity also wants to be obedient to God’s call to do all God wants them to do as a congregation serving as God’s Church to this community.  

          We welcome you to visit and prayerfully consider God’s will for you in being part of this church.  Charity wants to serve you but we also want you to consider how God may want you to serve His Church with the gifts and graces He has given you by His Holy Spirit. 

          Please understand, we are here to serve you and will do all we can, by God’s Grace, to be the Church God wants us to be to you and your family. 

          Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and we hope to see you soon and often. 

The Lord Will Come Soon,