Charity Baptist Church

Dear Charity Baptist Church Family,

I want you to know that, as the news about the COVID-19 virus is changing almost daily, that I am concerned just as you are.  However, I know that we serve an all-powerful God that is sovereign over this.  This hasn’t caught Him by surprise.  While Scripture teaches us to not live in fear, it also teaches us to be wise.  Roman 13 teaches us to submit to governing authorities.  Those in these positions have been placed there by God.  In listening to what our Governor has said, our desire is to protect the members of our church family as well as our community.

Therefore, we have decided that all services are being suspended until further notice.  We feel it is best to err on the side of caution as we protect each other.  The leadership will continue to monitor the situation and make decisions as we go forward.

The Lord Will Come Soon,


Just as Acts teaches us, we the people are Christ’s church, the church is not a building.

Christ’s church is not the building – Christ’s church is made up of the body of believers.